Assisting Habitat for Humanity in Baltimore

Since 2008, Live Green has made a personal commitment to teach compassion and understanding through volunteering in a variety of community projects. As a proud Maryland-based company, we strongly believe in giving back to our surrounding community.

In previous years, Live Green has volunteered time and resources and donated proceeds to respected organizations including The Ulman Foundation, The Boy Scouts of America, St. John’s Episcopal Church, local elementary and high schools, and our local fire companies.

Recently, we had the opportunity to assist Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake by designing, providing materials, and installing landscaping at 601 and 603 McCabe Avenue in Baltimore.

McCabe Avenue had a 50 percent vacancy rate when Habitat for Humanity first began this project. Their dream was to take these vacant townhomes and make them look beautiful and livable once again. We worked closely with Habitat for Humanity to understand their vision, and our in-house design team created a plan that fit their needs and worked within their timeframe.

Our crew then went to work! We installed 16 shrubs, 2,100 square-feet of sod in the front and back yards, 66 perennials and an ornamental tree. Plants included a cherry tree, Otto Luyken Laurels, white pansies, Hypericum, drift roses, black-eyed Susans, hollies, and hydrangeas. We selected these plants for their hardiness, ease of care, and low-maintenance.

We designed the landscaping to be easy to maintain over the years and to stay compact and neat. We selected vegetation that would not overgrow its boundaries and look messy after time.

We planted low evergreens in front of the porch to dress up the stark lines and face of the concrete. The hydrangeas at the sides of the porch steps have beautiful blooms that will help brighten the entranceway. Perennials in front of the hydrangeas help define the edge between the planting bed and the lawn while providing seasonal interest as they come into their bloom time. Prickly holly shrubs were planted around the side windows to help keep nosy neighbors away!

The job was part of Baltimore City’s Vacants to Value initiative. In all, 23 vacant properties were rehabbed and have since been occupied. We’re proud to have played a role in beautifying Baltimore and providing a place to call home for its residents.

Team members: (left to right): Eder Vasquez, Scott Pickett, Manrique Fiallos, Wilber Lopez, Juan Cruz, and Daniel Hernandez-Reyez