Howard County Circuit Court

The Howard County Circuit Courthouse project has been under way since June 2019, establishing a new site to replace the old and inadequate courthouse built 175 years ago. Live Green took the scene in September 2020 to begin an extensive landscaping venture. The crew began by installing a permeable grassy firelane and introducing a handful of plantings around the rear of the building. The project also calls for a whopping 3,000 cubic yards of topsoil, which scales out to almost 3,500 tons.

However, the star feature of the Courthouse so far has been the installation of 13 Carderock stone boulders weighing between 15,000 – 18,000 pounds each. Over the course of two days, the Live Green team safely brought in essential equipment to lift the tonnage under the guidance of experienced foremen and crew. The installation process began by marking planned locations for the barrier, followed by using a mini excavator to dig large holes wide enough to fit each boulder. The holes were filled with crushed gravel and a nonwoven geotextile placed between the soil and gravel for separation. A leader then guided the crane to install the boulder in the exact location. After the installation of every boulder, the crew used a jumping jack tamper to compact the soil and provide a level foundation.

While the Live Green team has accomplished plenty at the Howard County Circuit Courthouse site to date, the project is still a work in progress and the team is eager to plant 18,000+ perennials and install pavers in the spring.  We are excited to see the final project come together while being a part of Howard County’s historical moment.