The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing

The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Pinkard Building is a 36,000 square-foot addition, which includes plenty of dynamic new learning, research, and office spaces – and of course beautiful landscape and hardscape renovations. The Live Green team has worked tirelessly this past summer on a myriad of these improvements, displaying our finest skills.

Our work at the prominent courtyard has become the true star of the show. A granite fountain feature, which could also serve as seating, welcomes visitors and fosters a peaceful setting. We designed and built a new irrigation system, and subsequently graded and sodded 1,700 sq. ft. of the area. We installed 2,395 sq. ft. of pavers, surrounding them with healthy soil and a variety of shrubs and perennials. Live Green also planted honey locusts and heritage river birches, which are highly adaptable to the local environment and will provide shade over the courtyard. For the finishing touches, Foreman Rodrigo and his crew installed benches, café tables, and chairs.

Elsewhere throughout the site, the crew has installed bike racks, lawn chairs, bollards, and other site amenities. We complemented the streetscape with lilyturf—a grass-like perennial with lilac-purple flowers that produces berries in the fall—groundcover roses, and reed grass. We laid 1,700 sq. ft. of concrete and brick pavers, and 3,333 sq. ft. of concrete sidewalk which has created a winding pathway for future students to get to the building. Plus, two ADA accessible handicap ramps can now give additional access.

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing is ranked number one in the country for its master’s program, and second for its Doctor of Nursing practice program. Live Green is extremely proud to be a part of the innovative campus’s latest transformation and to help welcome new and prospective students to the school.