The Sheppard Pratt Health System – Elkridge Campus

Sheppard Pratt Health System’s latest state-of-the-art hospital campus in Howard county encompasses 40 acres, and upon opening, will uniquely position the Hospital to meet the ever-increasing medical needs of our community. The new design features outdoor courtyards, terraces, and therapeutic recreational environments to support treatment, healing, and recovery.

To enhance the peacefulness of the grounds, Live Green is planting 388 trees, 2,088 shrubs, and 19,987 ornamental grasses and perennials across the campus. Among the perennials visitors will recognize an abundance of hypericum calycinum, or ‘Aaron’s Beard’, a relative of the more well-known ‘St. John’s Wort’, and purple coneflower, both of which add a pop of color to the landscape. The campus is surrounded by stormwater bioponds, which Live Green will be planting, mulching, and doing a portion of wildflower seeding.

The main courtyard will be filled with fresh white shrubs and flowers, including delicate giant snowdrops, windflower anemones, and White Gumpo azaleas that create a soothing atmosphere, perfect for sitting and gaining clarity. The courtyard is complete with shade and flowering trees, making it an ideal space for patients to relax and organize their thoughts. Other get-away spaces include the community garden and the adolescent basketball half-court, which Live Green is making an energizing green space with American hornbeam and flowering burkwood virbunum.

Focusing on mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse, Sheppard Pratt’s cutting-edge facility will offer innovative care to our community, and Live Green is proud to offer outdoor services that help contribute to their mission.