Total Landscape Package

This new construction home was in dire need of a complete landscape package, and the Live Green team was up for the challenge! The job included a 380 square-feet natural wet laid bluestone walkway spanning the width of the home in the front yard. Large 18-foot tall magnolias were planted throughout the property to match the mature feel of the neighborhood.

In the backyard, a large 680 square-foot wet laid bluestone patio was constructed with stepping stones connecting it to the driveway. A retaining wall and steps to the walkout basement were also constructed using natural stone veneer and large bluestone blocks to match the patio.

Stormwater retention ponds were created on-site to manage the stormwater runoff. Special care was given to large existing trees so as not to disturb them. The completed job included a total lighting package with uplights and path lights. The house and property look spectacular!